Our Gear

Armed with all the right tools, our team is well equipped to meet different types of client requirements.

Floor Saw:

GT Concrete Cutting

It is used tasks such as floor removal, digging trenches, demolition jobs, and the creation of expansion joints. It is capable of cutting floors, drives, and footpaths.

Soff Cut Saw:

GT Concrete Cutting

It is used to cut green or newly prepared concrete and protect it against cracking. It is also used for same day expansion cutting

Diamond Core Drill:

GT Concrete Cutting

The Weka Drill and stand are used for all your plumbing, drainage and wiring, requirements by enabling us to cut holes in concrete walls and footings.

Electric Cutting Equipment:

GT Concrete Cutting

For the jobs inside, elecrtic hand saw is used to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning instead of using the petrol hand saw.

Hand Saw:

GT Concrete Cutting

Petrol operated machine for cutting concrete around windows, doorways, walls, paths, patios, drivways etc. Used for expantion cuts or demolution work.

Wet Vacuums:

GT Concrete Cutting

Slurry control and clean up as per council requirements.